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DVI Analog Male / SVGA Female Adapter
Product ID: A2903Q
DVI Analog Male / SVGA  Female Adapter
This adapter will convert a DVI-I connection to a VGA monitor cable connection for monitors and computers that require it. DVI-D cannot convert to VGA. Only DVI-I can be converted into VGA. This adapter converts the analog DVI signal from any graphics card into an analog VGA signal of the same resolution, allowing for the connection of DVI Analog or DVI Integrated (DVI-I) graphics cards to traditional VGA displays.

- DVI Analog male connector
- SVGA / HD15 female connector

Part Number: DVA AD M-SVGA F BE-CW
Brand: Cable Wholesale
Manufacturer: Cable Wholesale
Country of origin: China
ASIN: B000I23TR6
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