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USB 16-Button Double Shock Gamepad for PC 2-Pack (Silver)
Product ID: A2613Q
USB 16-Button Double Shock Gamepad for PC 2-Pack (Silver)
This USB double shock controller has a dual shock function that really lets you feel the action. It's ergonomically shaped design provides long lasting comfort and control during game play. It supports a USB interface with a USB cable attached to both controllers making it ideal for two players!

General Features:
- 2-Pack
- Silver
- USB Interface
- Plug and play
- Dual shock function
- Dual fighting setting
- Four axis 12-buttons
- Two analog joysticks
- Can be switched between digital mode and analog mode
- 32 inches (approximate) from one controller to another
- 56 inches (approximate) cable to connect to USB port

- Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
- Available USB port

Part Number: Joy Pad Silver 2PK
Brand: Generic
Manufacturer: Generic
Country of origin: China