Below is a list of old software I have written over the years to support the business and before the wide variety of options that are available today existed.

The software is no longer maintained and most of it will not work properly anymore due to software changes (and because some of the programs they were designed to work with no longer exist).

DAZzle Interface DLL:
This DLL provides the Endicia integration for Order Integrator. You can download the dll and source code below. This is public domain software and you are free to use it in your own applications, modify it or do anything else you want with it.

DAZzleInterface Dll 1.5.6 And Source (57KB Released 12/10/2009) (the only change in this update is the addition of the small priority mail flat rate box)

Keep One Listed (for eBay Blackthorne):
Keep One Listed allows you to scan your eBay Blackthorne inventory items and automatically schedule new listings for any item that is not currently listed.

You can view the Keep One Listed read me file here and the license file here

You can download Keep One listed here Version 1.2.2 released 10/30/2008

Order Integrator:
Order Integrator is an order management program that allows you to import sales from osCommerce, eBay Blackthorne, and Channel Advisor so you can ship them with Endicia Internet Postage and export them to QuickBooks. Order Integrator also has a flexible plugin system that can be used to write import / export modules for other marketplaces, accounting software and shipping software. Order Integrator is open source software and is hosted on Source Forge at (note this project is currently on hold and not being updated at this time).

SA Pro / Blackthorne Integrator
SA Pro / Blackthrone Integrator is designed to make use of your SA Pro or eBay Blackthorne database so you can export sales records to QuickBooks and ship sales records with Endicia Internet postage

You can view the SA Pro / Blackthorne Integrator readme file here and the license file here

You can download SA Pro / Blackthorne Integrator here (version 1.3.10 released 03/03/2006)

Note: With Blackthorne version 3.1 this program will no longer work with Blackthorne. I will not be updating the program, it is old software and you will need to move on to using Order Integrator or find something else to meet your needs.

ShipCalc Wizard
ShipCalc Wizard is a simple application for automatically generating a
javascript US Mail shipping calculator for eBay Auctions.

You can download ShipCalc Wizard here Duration Tool
Note: You are no longer allowed to use a tool like this to revise listing durations (eBay considers it fee avoidance). I no longer use this software, will not be updating it.

This is a simple program that uses the eBay API to scan your eBay listings for items that are ending between 12 and 25 hours from the current time and revise any eligible items to a longer duration.

Make sure you read the ReadMe file for important setup information! You can view it here

Version (3.94MB Released 5/11/2006) (Note: despite the license included in the setup file I have placed this software in the public domain and you are free to do anything you want with it and its source code).

Version 0.8.01 Source Code (Visual Basic .Net) (208KB Released 1/27/2007)