April 14, 2014

YourCableStore donated 1% of 2013 Sendt product earnings to three Northern California nonprofits - The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust, Kids & Creeks, and the Lassen Park Foundation. Each of these organizations is dedicated and committed to education and preservation, two topics we are passionate about. They have an eye to the future; they are thinking about generations to come and we are very excited to support their efforts. founder Nathan Arendt originally became acquainted with the Sutter Buttes by taking part of a hike organized by The Sutter Buttes Regional Land Trust, formerly known as the Middle Mountain Foundation. The mission of the group is to work to protect the land and natural resources of the Sutter Buttes and the surrounding region for present and future generations.

Nathan and his wife, Amy, decided to donate to the Kids & Creeks program because of their efforts to improve science education, foster stewardship, and improve watershed health. During field trips to local parks and nature reserves Kids & Creeks fill an educational void while connecting young citizens to their local environment and instilling a sense of stewardship through community involvement.

Lastly, Nathan and Amy have hiked the volcanoes in Lassen National Park several times and continue to be mesmerized by the park’s beauty. So choosing Lassen Park Foundation as a recipient was an easy decision as the mission of the foundation is to help preserve the park’s unique beauty for generations to come as well as enrich the experience of today's Lassen visitors. has been a member of One Percent for the Planet since 2012. 1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Each year, more than 1200 members aligned with 1% FTP donate a portion of their sales to drive environmental change.